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Friday 19th

  • 6:30PMZach Galligan Photo Op
  • 6:45PMWednesday 13 Photo Op
  • 7:00PMTyler Mane Q&A
  • 7:00PMDavid Ellefson Photo Op
  • 7:15PMDan Yeager Photo Op
  • 7:30PMPapa Shango Photo Op
  • 7:45PMLinnea Quigley & Amelia Kinkade Photo Op
  • 8:00PMSleep Away Camp Q&A
  • 8:00PMEd Neal Photo Op
  • 8:15PMTerry Kiser Photo Op
  • 8:30PMTom Savini Photo Op
  • 8:45PMTyler Mane Photo Op
  • 9:00PMEd Neal Q&A
  • 9:00PMFelissa Rose Photo Op
  • 9:15PMKane Hodder Photo Op
  • 9:30PMAndrew Divoff Photo Op

Saturday 20th

  • NOONAndrew Divoff Q&A
  • NOONKane Hodder Jason X Photo Op
  • 1:00PMDavid Ellefson Photo Op
  • 1:15PMNight of the Demons Panel
  • 1:30PMTyler Mane Photo Op
  • 2:00PMFelissa Rose Sleep Away Camp Photo Op
  • 2:15PMTerry Kiser Q&A
  • 3:00PMTerry Kiser Photo Op
  • 3:15PMTom Savini Q&A
  • 3:15PMNight of the Demons Photo Op
  • 3:45PMDan Yeager Photo Op
  • 4:00PMTom Savini Photo Op
  • 4:15PMBalsam Panel with Kane Hodder
  • 4:30PMEd Neal Photo Op
  • 5:00PMPapa Shango Photo Op
  • 5:00PMScares That Care Charity Auction
  • 5:30PMAndrew Divoff Photo Op
  • 5:45PMZach Galligan Photo Op
  • 6:00PMWednesday 13 Photo Op
  • 6:00PMMad Monster Party Costume Contest
  • 9:00PMRIP Party

Sunday 21st

  • NOONDan Yeager Q&A
  • NOONEd Neal Photo Op
  • 12:15PMZach Galligan Photo Op
  • 12:30PMKane Hodder Photo Op
  • 1:00PMZach Galligan Q&A
  • 1:00PMTom Savini Photo Op
  • 1:30PMTerry Kiser Photo Op
  • 1:45PMThe Godfather Photo Op
  • 2:00PMThe Godfather Q&A
  • 2:15PMFelissa Rose Photo Op
  • 2:45PMLinnea Quigley & Amelia Kinkade Photo Op
  • 3:15PMDan Yeager Photo Op
  • 3:30PMWednesday 13 Photo Op
  • 3:45PMAndrew Divoff Photo Op
  • 4:15PMDavid Ellefson Photo Op
  • 4:30PMTyler Mane Photo Op
  • Photo Op
  • Panel/Q&A
  • After-Hours Events

Celebrity guests will be signing at their tables between their scheduled photo ops and panels. Guests may take breaks from signing at their discretion.

All listed events are included with general admission that day or with a SHRIEKend or RIP ticket including the pre-show and after-party events. Seating is first-come first-served, except for reserved RIP seating.
The schedule is currently tentative and subject to change. Events may be canceled due to participant's unforseen professional / personal obligations. Not all programming may be suitable for everyone, discretion is advised.